Our Staff

They are experienced, passionate and vibrant.  They make good use of instructional time and inspire students to "work together for good".   Our teachers make students feel comfortable and help them experience a sense of belonging.   

Administration Staff

College Principal - Mr Simon Dodson

Deputy Principal  - Mrs Leah Crawford


Primary Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs Joanna Carroll 

Year 1-2 Teacher - Mrs Rochelle Smith

Year 3 Teacher - Mr Andrew Warne

Year 4 Teacher - Mrs Felisa Simkus

Year 5 Teacher - Mr Scott Madden

Year 6 Teacher - Mrs Gill Bogacs

Support Teacher - Mrs Ruth Lynch

Release Teacher - Mr James Lynch

Secondary Teaching Staff

English Teacher - Mr Matthew Norton

Maths Teacher - Mrs Karen Wallace

Maths Teacher - Mrs Chrissy Mogg

Science Teacher - Mr Phil Window

Science Teacher - Mr Ken Aveling

PDHPE Teacher - Mr Steve Hindmarsh

DT Teacher - Mrs Michelle Villis

Music Teacher - Cybele Craig

Maths/Technology/Physics Teacher - Mr Daniel Vokurka

History Teacher - Mrs Helen Hindmarsh

Visual Arts Teacher - Mr Ari Chand

Business/Commerce Teacher - Mr Shannon Quick

School Counsellor - Mr Stephen Cooper 

If you wish to get in contact with any teacher from HCLM, pease contact our them on offfice@heritage.edu.au